MODW: How did you get into DJing?
JULIA: About 6 years ago I set up Julia Gautier Agency, a booking agency for artists, specializing in event-planning. I suggest DJ’s, musicians, and singers for launch parties, galas and fashion shows. My favourite fields are cinema and fashion. After spending time booking DJs, I ended up mixing with them. I scored during fashion and luxury events such as Omega, and my first one was on the Opening of the Champs Elysées in Paris.

MODW: Is it difficult being Female in the DJing industry?

JULIA: No, for me I think it is more attractive for the crowd when you are female in this kind of luxury and high-end events business.

MODW: Who are some of your favourite Female DJs?

JULIA: There are some friends of mine such as Cécile Togni, DJ Cand'Ice and international DJs, like the duet NERVO!

MODW: One of your favourite places to play?

JULIA: Now I live between Paris and Roma, and at this moment I love to play at LA. VI. I played there for the New Year's Eve!

MODW: One of your memorable events you played?

JULIA: I have a beautiful memory of when I played during the Cannes Film Festival for the first shop opening of Agent Provocateur, It was so nice, and a very sexy party!

MODW: What makes you happy?
JULIA: There is a lot of things that make me happy but one of the most important is to share time with my family...

MODW: Where do you see your future taking you?
JULIA: I hope to stay in Roma as long as I can while still having opportunities to travel around the world.

MODW: What is your style aesthetic?
JULIA: In fashion, I am a like a chameleon... I love to change my style but always with a glamorous touch!
MODW: Some of your go-to stores to shop in Paris?

JULIA: I love to go to "Le Printemps" also, the inevitable shop is "Colette"!

MODW: Who inspires you in your personal and professional life?
JULIA: There are a lot of things that inspire me but the most important is my Mum who inspires me everyday with good vibrations and a positive attitude in order to be happy in any situation of life.

MODW: What is one of your favourite memories?
JULIA: I was in Maldives swimming in the water when suddenly dolphins came swimming my way... It was incredible.

MODW: Where in the world is home to you?
JULIA: I love traveling, but I feel at home when I am in Ibiza and Corsica. I love to go each year to recharge my batteries.

MODW: What is your favourite restaurant?
JULIA: In Paris, I love to go to Khaosan, and Hôtel Amour. In Roma, one of my favourites is "Pierluigi".

MODW: If you could share something from your life experience to other women, what would it be?

JULIA: Just believe in your dreams because everything is possible....

MODW: Do you have a regime to take care of yourself?

JULIA: Absolutely not! I really like my food... but I do pilates and yoga 3 times a week.

MODW: Besides your work, what are some of  your passions?

JULIA: I have a passion for interior decoration and I love to cook and have my friends over at my home. The simple things in life are for me, the most important.

MODW: What advice would you give to women starting out in DJing?

JULIA: I think a woman's sensibility is incredible... so just to share it in music!

MODW: Favourite place to travel to?

JULIA: I love to travel, but love going back to the Maldives, Dakar in Senegal and NYC.

MODW: Future plans?

JULIA: Keep my job, stay happy and become a Mom!


                                                                                                Photo Courtesy of Yaffa Assouline

MODW What does luxury mean to you?
YAFFA It’s a philosophy.

MODW What inspired you to start Luxury Culture? 

YAFFA Misinterpretation of the word luxury which has nothing to do with money but rather is fundamentally associated with culture. Without culture, education or emotion we cannot understand luxury.

MODW One of the most challenging moments of your life? How did you deal with it?

YAFFA Being both a mother and an entrepreneur. I try to do my best.

MODW Is there a woman in your life that has inspired you?

YAFFA All women who assume themselves, whether that means being a mother or a successful businesswoman or anything else.

MODW What do you do on your down time?

YAFFA Dream and create new projects.

MODW Favorite hang out in Paris?

YAFFA I love to just wander around and stop at a café to people watch – that’s the real Paris. I love the bars and galleries at the Plaza Athenee.

MODW Top choice hotels in Paris?

YAFFA For lunch I like the gardens of Le Bristol, Le Meurice, Plaza Athenee, Costes, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental or the bar at the Hotel Westminster.

MODW What scent elevates your happiness?

YAFFA Serge Lutens perfumes and Ambre Sultan in particular.

MODW Favorite drink? Shoe designer? Travel destination? Style?

YAFFA Water.mPrada because sometimes their shoes are very comfortable. Gocek on the Turkish Riviera. Seventies chic.

MODW Favorite book of all time? What are you reading now?

YAFFA I love so many books it’s difficult to choose. I am currently reading about the life of Boris Cyrulnik.

MODW What are you listening to right now?

YAFFA Classic jazz in general, Yoyo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, Chet Baker, Maria Callas and Pavarotti. Their voice and their talent are unique.

MODW You look fantastic Yaffa, do you have a beauty regime you follow? Products you recommend?

YAFFA I’ve never stuck to any regime but perhaps I should. I like Clarins products.

MODW Favourite Quote?

YAFFA “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

MODW Aspirations for the future?

YAFFA To use luxury in the best possible way on the Internet, the evolution of Luxuryculture and to soon create a sister site for Luxuryculture.


MODW: What prompted you to pursue your Masters Degree in Art History in Florence after completing your degree at Loyola Marymount University?

VIVIANA: At the time - my love for 15th Century Florentine Art. The school was in the hills of Fiesole so the ride up to classes everyday was amazing. I lived 5 blocks away from LAcademia, where Michaenagelo´s David is located. Everything I studied was there for me to explore. I must add that my love for everything Italian, language food, wine, and at the time my Florentine boyfriend, all had something to do with this. And also a generous parents who paid for my studies.  

MODW: Did you ever imagine that your path from pursuing a major in Art History and Communications minor would ever lead you to become the PR & Communications Director at Costa Careyes?
VIVIANA: Never, it was Destiny. Actually a tarot reader has told me in Italy....... “one day you will live next to the ocean, and be by the side of an elderly man with a crystal eye and meet many wonderful people from all over the world, and the love of your it all makes sense...  
MODW: Did your involvement at Delta Gamma prepare you for your leadership role post graduation?
VIVIANA: Having been raised in Mexico, as an only girl (I have two brothers) being in a sorority was fantastic. I made wonderful girlfriends, who were all smart, beautiful, cool, and with their heads on their shoulders. They were source of great support, and inspiration while learning how well women work together. They also taught me that even if you came from a family with money, you must always work and be self sufficient, always.  
MODW: How did you end up in Careyes, Mexico?
VIVIANA: After 5 years of being an Art Dealer, I came to Careyes to a Chinese New Years party and various circumstances changed my life forever: my partner in the art gallery went to live to Mexico City, my father died of cancer, and I gave myself time off. A good friend lent me his casita in Careyes, and I went from heels and perfect hair, to bare feet and sarongs, just like that! Nature completely seduced me, gave me strength and I ended up working for an amazing, creative Italian man (who has a crystal eye) for the next years of my life!

MODW: Has your perspective on life changed since moving to Careyes?

VIVIANA: Having been here for more than 20 years, working and doing projects, I see life with all its complexities in the end as very simple. I love the city, I love beautiful things, but I feel no need buy them. I am actually very happy with very little, and also feel that we need to age with grace and be as natural as we can.  
MODW: What is the lifestyle like down in Careyes, Mexico?
VIVIANA: Very special, the community of residents here is fantastic, diverse, from many countries who all share a love for this place and for Mexico. I think almost everyone shares a similar aesthetic, and love for nature, simplicity in a very chic way. Everyday you meet amazing people, you have lunch and dinner at spectacular homes, but everyone is very relaxed. I have met some of my best friends and girlfriends in Careyes, they are all interesting, beautiful and with an incredible sense of style.  
MODW: What's your favorite place to travel outside of Mexico? 
VIVIANA: I've travelled a lot in Europe, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada. Next on my list is Madagascar. 
MODW: My typical day starts...
VIVIANA: Warm water with lemon, 30 minutes of chanting/meditation, and then off for a long walk with our Chihuahua, Gigio, near the beach or in the jungle trails. Then back home green juice or a mixed berry smoothie. I make a point of not looking at my emails until I have devoted at least 1 hour to myself, if not I am hooked for the rest of the day! Like wise in the evening. 
MODW: Who is your favorite Fashion designer? 
VIVIANA: Because I live on the beach; I like Heidi Merrick, from Caifornia, Antique Batik & Isabelle Marant from France. For city wear and evening dresses, Julia & Renata, incredibly talented Mexican designers. Givenchy new spring/summer 2014 long evening shiny dresses with flats would look great in Careyes.  
MODW: What are your hidden shopping gems?
VIVIANA:I love the aesthetic and quality of Kendall Conrad, and her small shop in Venice Beach, California. In Sayulita, the “Pacha mama” boutique of Nathalie Mignot of Les Gazelles, for their black pearl jewelry, and one of a kind handmade colorful handbags. Online Taiana Geiffer of Taiana Design/ Abraxasrex Jewelry of Paris Kain. 
MODW: My downtime is ... 
VIVIANA: On a daily basis long walks on Teopa Beach, swimming in Playa Rosa bay and occasional mud baths and nude sunbathing in one of the virgin beaches of Careyes with my girlfriends. I also love to take time off and go to Haramara for a couple of nights and amazing yoga retreat near Sayulita.  
MODW: Favourite restaurant in the world? 
VIVIANA: In my hometown, Anita Li, the food is delicious, and the decor and mood very fun! 
MODW: Has there been a moment in your life that has majorly impacted on your life? 
VIVIANA: Yes, meeting Gian Franco Brignone the creator of Careyes and working by his side many years. He taught me to feel through seeing, and to give thanks to the Universe, everyday. At 87 he is one of the most stylish men alive! 
MODW: Beauty Secrets? 
VIVIANA: As natural as possible, but high end. I love products from ISun, 100% natural. No sunscreen, I only go in the sun in the early morning or late afternoon, rest of the day I wear a hat. For evening, Josie Maran´s Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation is amazing, and lip & cheek stains & eyeliners, from Hourglass cosmetics. YSL nail polish. Organic coconut oil as body moisturizer (I put it in beautiful glass bottles and use daily). 
MODW: If there is something from your life experience to date that you would want to share with other women, what would it be? 
VIVIANA: As women we must listen to ourselves, to our Intuition; What do I want? How does this feel? Once you listen to what you feel it all unfolds. 
MODW: What makes you happy? 
VIVIANA: Waking up every morning next to the love of my life my partner Diego. Being grateful, everyday. Having lunch with friends at Playa Rosa, & sunset swims.
 MODW: What keeps you young? 
VIVIANA: My passions, the simple life, 9 hours of sleep, and quitting bad habits a long time ago....but still having fun! 
MODW: How does living abroad differ from living back in the US? 
VIVIANA: I only lived in the US when I was a student, and then back and forth to visit family and friends. But I truly love the family values, creativity, and easy going way of life in Latin America. But the world is small now, I don't see frontiers. 
MODW: Where is the first place you take your guests who've never experience Careyes before? 
VIVIANA: A sunrise walk on Teopa beach and sunset at the magnificent land sculpture Copa del see eternity! 
MODW: Aspirations for the future? 
VIVIANA: Yes, building our new home in the jungle, and doing Art projects for with the local communities through the ?! Careyes Foundation, and the Art Program I am Directing now.


MODW: My typical day starts...

RISA: 5:30am

MODW: Breakfast? 

RISA: Coffee and Cigarettes 

MODW: Vitamins?

RISA: Occasionally.

MODW: Motherhood is...

RISA: Everything.

MODW: How did you get into styling? 

RISA: I studied Fashion in Paris, I wanted to be a  designer and accidentally fell into Styling while working at Cloutier Agency as a booker.

MODW: What  advice would you give to those trying to break into the industry? Pay your dues, work hard and keep it classy

MODW: Favourite Designer this season is...

RISA: Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent.

MODW: Favourite Cocktail? 

RISA: Slightly dirty Ketel One martini.

MODW: My favourite place to shop is..... 

RISA: Soho NYC and Rue Saint Honore Paris.

MODW: Favourite photographers that you've worked with? 

RISA: Glen Luchford, Anton Corbijn, Platon,  Mark Seliger, William Lords

MODW: Describe your aesthetic? 

RISA: Black, edgy and easy

MODW: Low-key place to go in New York? 

RISA: My friends Serge Beckers new place, Masion O.

MODW: Who would you love to style? 

RISA: Tilda Swinton.

MODW: I would love to meet...

RISA: Hmmmm... I've met some pretty great people.

MODW: I spend my down time...

RISA: Shopping with my daughter Isabella

MODW: Love to travel to...

RISA: Saint Barths, Maldives or Seychelles 
MODW: Love shopping at...

RISA: Organic farmers markets.

MODW: I draw my inspiration from...

RISA: Books and my surrounding. 
MODW: If you could you share something from your life experience to other women, what would it be?

RISA: Trust the universe,  be patient... everything always works out.

MODW: Guilty pleasure? 

RISA: Dark chocolate

MODW: Designer? 

RISA: Rick Owens and Hedi Slimane.

MODW: What has been your favourite collaboration? 

RISA: My collaboration with William Lords on Veoir Magazine and with Gina Harrell on Hidden Places.

MODW: Your last words?  

RISA: I drank what?