MODWOMAN Patti Hansen


Shares some of her life with MODWOMEN ...  

MODW What would be in a day in the life of Patti Hansen? 
PATTI I wake each day with a kiss from or for Keith, take a walk around the property with our dogs - then feed, discuss if we are eating in or out, which will decide on shopping or not.We cook, make connections with emails, friends and work related, make sure the house is up and running. I might work with Carol Perry, our interior designer, on our ongoing home d├ęcor. We are forever changing things. 

I work with my partners Molly and Debi on new designs and details for our bag line, I can drive in and out of NYC quite easily, so I do that often.  I LOVE NYC. 
Then home, cuddle, kiss and bed.
MODW You seem to have lived quite a full life so far with your great career, marriage of  27 years to Keith and also being a mother of two beautiful daughters. If you could pick a few lessons you have learnt along the way ….what would they be?
PATTI I try to keep upbeat and positive, not negative.  Stay interested and try to keep things attractive. Patti with her French BullDogs Etta and Sugar.

  I understand you have also had your share of life challenges in the last few years with bladder cancer….how did you keep the strength to get through this period? 
PATTI  I survived my cancer thru prayer surrounded by loved ones. 
MODW  How do you see women today over 40 today as opposed to 10 years ago? 
PATTI Women look younger and younger not because of surgery, but because they are taking better care of themselves. 
MODW You are a beautiful woman. How do you maintain such vibrant beauty?

PATTI Right now I have not been disciplined with an exercise regime, so I don't feel so vibrant. It is crazy.  We all feel better when we take care of ourselves. It is so easy. Eat well, exercise,  and sleep!!

MODW Have you changed your personal style over the years? 
PATTI  I have not changed my style really.  

MODW What are some of your favourite pieces you like to wear?
PATTI I love leathers...jackets and pants. Plus lovely cozy sweaters.

Who is your favourite designer ? 

PATTI I love leopard prints, so obviously I wear lots of Dolce and Gabbana.  Lately I only wear Sylvie Schimmel leather pants....AMAZING. 

MODW I understand you recently started a Handbag line called Hung On U? How did this come about? 
PATTI My girls pulled out some old bags I used to wear in the Studio 54 era...cross over bags. I started wearing them to red carpet affairs. My friend Molly, who around at the same time with the same style bags suggested we resurrect them. well, six months later and here we are! Our third partner, Debi, had an existing manufacturer and viola! The line is also involved in raising awareness for EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa).

You have beautiful daughters and in the modeling industry… have you shared your own career and life experiences to help them on their journey? 
PATTI My daughters are flawless inside and out. They are having fun modeling and DJ'ing. We'll see what else they have up their sleeves. They have many talents including art and writing.
MODW  Are there other aspirations in your career journey you would like to pursue?
PATTI I am thinking of taking a sculpting course and jewelry design here in Ct. There are great classes at Silvermine.

  Who would you pick as your favourite female role model and why?

PATTI  My 2 favorite role models are Sue Hansen, my sister-in-law and friend of almost 40 years, and Sean Casey Held. They remain honest, gentle, joyful and caring.  There is not a bad bone ever in them.

  Who do you like to share your time with the most?
PH I spend most of my time with Keith.  I can never get enough of my daughters, but they are grown and on their own, plus I always have our animals nearby. 

What are your favourite things to do?

I love travel. I would go all of the time, but now I have our little frenchies and I hate to leave them, so we must find places they can go too. The sun and beach in Parrot Cay is for us.  
MODW What are some of your favourite moments on your life journey so far? 

PATTI Well, my whole life has been wonderful. I was blessed with an awesome family and a great place to live. Traveling around the world with the Rolling Stones has been fantastic and I would do it again in a heartbeat.