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MODW  Favorite moment in the last year?

MARGARET  Making a homemade trap to capture fruit flies. The one I made with plastic wrap and half a glass of red wine worked better than the exterminator visit. I know it's a small victory, but for some reason this felt really good to me. 

MODW  How have some of the difficult events in your life turned you into the woman you are today?

MARGARET  It would probably be surviving and thriving in standup comedy, which is such a boys club and there's so few women around to work with and be friends with, so it can be very lonely, but that has made me self sufficient also, so that is good too. 

MODW  What makes you laugh?

MARGARET  Really strange things, clever things, dark things - it's always surprising what makes comics laugh. It's never the obvious. 

MODW  My happy place is...

MARGARET  On the motorcycle

MODW  Describe the perfect day.

MARGARET  Pilates, my dogs, pizza and maybe a movie!

MODW  Last travel destination for relaxation?

MARGARET  Rome for pasta and lots of walking around all the Bernini sculptures.

MODW  5-star hotels or hideaways?

MARGARET  I love both, and I stay in both!

MODW  Tell us about your new DVD "Cho Dependent."

MARGARET  It's my new show with songs and all new material - funny, fun, wild - I am really proud of it. I filmed in Atlanta, which is my 2nd hometown and it was amazing to perform it there and shoot this show there. I love it. 

MODW  An inspirational female?

MARGARET  Kim Saigh - great artist, great tattooer, yoga master and boot aficionado. She is rad!

MODW  Cook or take out? Favourite Food?

MARGARET  Oh I love take out eaten in front of the T.V! Nothing better. I would say my favorite is spaghetti and meatballs!! it's a basic simple joy. 

MODW Vintage or Labels?

MARGARET I think vintage labels are the best, but usually vintage is enough. labels don't matter much. it's more about how well the garment is made, which the labels often imply. That is why they are labels!

MODW What's in store for Season 4 of "Drop Dead Diva" and when will it premiere?

MARGARET  We usually premiere in June, but I don't know what will happen this Season. We don't know until we actually shoot the episodes! I am going back to shoot the show in February. Can't wait! I love the show. 

MODW A book that changed your view?

MARGARET Cunt by Inge Muscio - essential feminist writing- she's incredible. 

MODW Something that someone does not know about me is...

MARGARET I am addicted to very dark chocolate. must be over 72% cocoa - at least!

MODW What does 2012 hold in store for you?

MARGARET  I will go back to shooting drop dead diva, and then do some touring all over for the remainder of the year, writing new material, blogging every day at - many things!!!